Coats Italy SRL






Since 2020, Asprova software schedules the zipper production for Coats, the second largest manufacturer of zippers worldwide in their Italian branch: Coats Italy s.r.l. For Coats, production efficiency is paramount. Because of rapidly changing fashion trends, 95% of production is made-to-order, and highly specific customer requirements (Armani, Gucci, Louis Viton, and Prada) add to the production complexity.

Prior to Asprova, scheduling was done by manually editing ERP data in Excel—with zero visibility and flexibility, and unreliable results. Today, integrated with SAP, Asprova provides fully automated production scheduling for Coats at the push of a button. Asprova calculates multi-level finite-capacity for individual processes including stamping, joining, gapping, teeth attaching, bottom and top stop and slider assembly, cutting, and quality control. After implementation, Coats achieved improved on time delivery, and now Asprova is being implemented at a second factory: Coats Türkiye İplik Sanayi A.Ş.