Asprova Version 17.1

The latest Asprova version introduces an array of practical enhancements, designed to elevate your technical capabilities, provide a more streamlined work environment, and enhance your experience. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new:


  1. New Standard Properties

Say goodbye to manually adding frequently used properties such as item name and process name. Asprova now holds these properties in its standard repertoire.


  1. Tailored Override Calendar Menu

Take control of your override calendar menu. Customize it to display only what you need. The new [Time list for overwrite calendar] and [Display strings for overwrite calendar time list] properties offer you the flexibility to set times and names according to your requirements.


  1. Enhanced XML Import and Export

We’ve made significant improvements to XML import and export for a smoother user experience. When importing scheduling parameters, existing parameters are updated instead of creating an additional instance. When exporting an expression referencing a user added property, this property is also exported to guarantee consistent functionality. Enjoy seamless importing of scheduling parameters and user-defined properties.


  1. Clearer Insights with Supplemental Chart Text

Now, modifying display content within a chart row comes with added clarity. Supplementary text appears, providing context and enhancing your understanding of the displayed row’s content. 


  1. Command Line Parameters for Data Server (DS) Upload

Take command of Data Server (DS) upload settings directly from the Asprova command line. Choose whether your project should remain locked or unlocked during the DS upload process, providing you with greater control and flexibility.  


  1. Command to Relinquish Editing Privileges

When multi-user editing is employed, users can reserve the right to edit for various objects. We added the new command “Release edit rights” to simply this rights management.


  1. Customizing Text in the Chart’s Upper Left Cell

Introducing the [Top left cell text expression] property. Customize the text within the chart’s upper left cell to match your preferences. Display column information instead of the year or showcase any relevant details that matter most to you.